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VTL Amplifiers


πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ California, USA


Stereo Amplifiers

ST-85, ST-150, S-200, S-400 II

Monoblock Amplifiers

MB-125, MB-185 III, MB-450 III, Seigfried II

About our Amplifiers

Selecting the right amplifier based soley on specifications will most likely lead to disappointment. Of course, product specifications are critical as they provide a measurement baseline for each amplifier. But specifications cannot tell you what it sounds like because every brand has a distinct personality and unique sound. You see, amplifiers are *voiced* by the builder to acheive a tonal sound they believe best represents music. Your idea of great sound may not agree with that of a builder. No matter what the specifications say or how expensive it is, you will be disappointed with the amplifier. Some designers lean heavily on textured harmonics and some want their amplifier to be fast and dynamic. So, when selecting an amplifier, listen first and study specifications later. It makes the process both easier and more enjoyable. We have evaluated many brands and selected those that we believe represent the "best in class" for each pricepoint. Each has a distinct personality and we believe bring you closer to the music and listening enjoyment.


World famous for its well designed and impeccable sound quality, VTL designs and manufactures products based on over 25 years of experience and with a keen eye on style and performance. Focusing their product offerings to tube based systems, VTL products give you the beautiful sound reproduction that tube equipment is famous for along with unequalled engineering and reliability.

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