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Easy Tonearm




Tracking Error

tangential tracking, max. 0.4°

Offset angle



Five axis and eight micro ball bearings


Fine-adjustment for VTA


black anodized aluminium parts

Effective Length

9 inches

Effective mass



5-pin DIN


very flexible internal wiring, purest copper

About our Turntables

What goes around comes around. Vinyl was considered dead and buried in the early 90's by the recording industry. Now, most audiophiles consider vinyl the go-to medium for the best listening experience. But playing vinyl requires a turntable, tonearm and phono cartidge and they are not all the same. Worse, the world is full of less-than-scienfific marketing hype to further confuse things. As simple as it looks, playing a record really is quite a feat of engineering. To reproduce music from a record, a tonearm and phono stylus must very accurately follow the record groove with its microscopic undulations *and* maintain its speed. Keep in mind this is the bare minimum required to listen to a record! To take the performance of a turntable to another level requires a substantal additional investment in materials, engineering and manfacturing. While this sounds complex, the result is easy: the music sounds better. Every turntable, tonearm and phono cartridge have a distinct musical "personality" and must be mated with care to get the most out of your listening experience. Our partnerships with the worlds finest builders along with our experience with pairing the right components together will give you a listening experience that is truly exceptional and make vinyl *your* prefered listening format.


Based in Switzerland, Thales Audio is a company that keeps a low profile but provides the finest tonearms and turntables in the world. Founder Mica Huber, with a background in the swiss watch industry, offers tonearms and tuntables based on precision engineering and manufacuturing techniques and take music reproduction to a new level. Unconventional, certainly. Breathtaking performance, absolutely.

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