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About our Cables

Audio cables are often overlooked when selecting a stereo system. It is important to keep in mind that it is the cables that turn stereo equipment into a stereo *system*. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and unsubstantiated claims about cable performance that make the selection process much harder than it should be. We cut the jargon and marketing claims and help you find a cable solution that is right for you. Lets get one thing straight: All audio products are bound by the exact same set of physics and rules. That is, every cable exhibits some amount of impedance, capacitance and inductance and use comparable materials: copper, silver etc. Yet, changing one brand or model of cable for another will cause a sometimes significant change in the sound. Why is that? The reason is that along with the materials of an audio cable, the geometry, or design, of the cable can greatly influence the performance. Good designers work with different combination of materials and geometries to maximimize performance while minimizing inherent deficiencies found in all audio cables. Take your audio cable selection seriously because it will impact the performance of your stereo. We partner with a select group of cable manuafcturers that we believe provide great products and as importantly and offer outstanding customer service.


Designed and manufactured in England, Vertere has a long history of unique world class turntables and tonearms. Never a follower, Vertere president Touraj Moghaddam has introduced products with unequalled performance and style. Never chasing the spotlight, Vertere Acoustics lets its products do the talking, and audiophiles from around the world are listening.

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