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HD Preamplifier




Dimensions (W x H x D)

17.3 x 15.6 x 4.8 inches


66 lbs preamp and power supply

Input impedance

50 K Ohms

Output Impedance

< 0.2 Ohms Volume on -15 dB < 40 Ohms Volume on 0

Frequency Response

dBDynamic range:> 150 dB Volume at -15 dB

Input level for 0 dB (on modulometer)

Low: 1.0 V rms Volume at 0 dB


2.0 V RMS Volume at 0 dB


10 V RMS Volume at 0 dB

Harmonic Distortion

(THD + N) FFT THD+N/1 kHz, 1 V out, no load on the output


> -130 dB 1V RMS 1 kHz > -110 dB 1V RMS 20 kHz


2 x E88CC New Old Stock Selected and tested by Nagra

About our Preamplifiers

Preamplifiers (also commonly refered to as *Line Stages*) are the central hub for your stereo. Most believe the role of the preamplifier is to select a source and control the volume, and while thats true, its role is far more important than that. In its simplest form, the job of a preamplifier is to transfer an analog signal from a source to the amplifier. Doing this correctly is actually very tricky. Audio signals are very low in voltage and need to be boosted before being sent to the amplifier. The first real benefit of a good preamplifier is that it can add gain to the signal and stabilize it without introducing noise or distortion. This can only be done with well engineered power supplies, circuitry and the use of high quality components. Keep in mind, this is only to stabilize the audio signal internally and is not seen or used by the listener. The listener, on the other hand, wants to crank it up and listen to the stereo loud! Nor not. It changes from minute to minute, song to song. So although the volume control is a gain setting, it is dynamic and changes all the time. If you think designing the internal gain system was difficult, you can imagine how hard it is to design a volume control system that does not add distortion or noise. And quite honestly, almost all preamplifiers do add some. But the best of the best use proven, although expensive, designs to pass the signal through at any gain level without adding anything bad to the signal. It doesn't matter how well your turntable or DAC performs if the preamplifier distorts the signal on the way through. It is as simple as that. Preamplifiers are overlooked by many but should be considered the heart of the system. It is easy to add or replace sources or amplifiers, but your music will only sound as good as the preamplifier allows.


Started in 1951 by Stefan Kudelski, Nagra is a world leader in audio reproduction for both the film and music industry. Using its extensive experience and highly trained engineers, Nagra set out to create home audio products that convey the same quality and performance as their commercial recording equiipment. When purchasing Nagra equipment, you receive much more than audio equipment, you get unmatched build and sound quality. Selective audiophiles choose Nagra because of its beauty, performance and the close relationship they enjoy with the manufactuer.

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