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Classic Phono




Transformer ratio

16 dB

Tube stage gain

MM Low 37.7 / High 47.7 dB, MC Low 53.9 / High 63.9 dB

Frequency response

20 Hz – 50 kHz +0.6 dB RIAA

Signal to noise ratio

> -82 dB (ASA A)


> -75 dB (typically > -82 dB)

Interchannel phase

< 4° (typically 0.35°) @ 20 kHz

Output level

1 V RMS for 0 dB

Output impedance

< 500 Ω (typically 470 Ω)

Vacuum tubes

2x E88CC/ 6922,1x ECC81/B739,1x ECC83/B759

Internal Power Supply

100 – 240 V~ ±10% / 50-60 H

Power consumption

MAX 35 W

Operating temperature

+15 °C to +35 °C


11.9 lbs


12.2 x 10 x 3 inches

About our Phono Preamplfier

How can something so simple be so hard to do correctly? After all, the phono preampliers only job is to take the audio signal from the turntable and pass it to your stereo. But it turns out it isn't as easy as it looks. It may only have one job, but it turns out that job is pretty hard to do right. When playing a record, the turntable creates a complex but tiny audio signal which needs to be boosted before being sent to your stereo. This requires a very high quality, low noise power supply and circuitry in order to not damage the signal. To make things even more difficult, the audio signal from the record itself needs to be changed significantly to compensate for changes made during the recording process. Sounds tough? It is! As our service technician says, "it is amazing vinyl works in the first place". Analog Audio is well known for its expertise in analog products. We know the difference between a great sounding phono preamplifier and simple marketing hype. Although the finest phone pramplifiers are not inexpensive, price alone does not determine quality and performance. Whether this is your first turntable, or your crown jewel, we have the phono preamplifier and expertise to take your vinyl experience to the next level.


Started in 1951 by Stefan Kudelski, Nagra is a world leader in audio reproduction for both the film and music industry. Using its extensive experience and highly trained engineers, Nagra set out to create home audio products that convey the same quality and performance as their commercial recording equiipment. When purchasing Nagra equipment, you receive much more than audio equipment, you get unmatched build and sound quality. Selective audiophiles choose Nagra because of its beauty, performance and the close relationship they enjoy with the manufactuer.

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