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M1 DAC Streamer


Massachusetts USA


Digital Inputs

XLR: AES/EBU 24 bit Single Wire, RCA: SPDIF, Optical: Toslink 44.1- 96k, USB 2

Sample Rates AES, SPDIF

44.1 kHz to 192khz

Sample Rates USB

44.1 kHz - DSD 64x DSD 128x DSD 256x Native and DoP

Sample Rates Toslink

44.1 kHz - 96 kHz


8 psec @ 48k / 6psec @ 96k

Balanced Analog Outputs

XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)


40 ohm

Output Level

+22 dbm

D/A Conversion

PCM 24 bit delta sigma 8x oversampling

Frequency Response @44.1k

10 hz- 20 kHz +0dB, -.2 dB

Dynamic Range

>120dB A-Weighted

THD+N @ 1k

.0006% @ 0dbfs / .0004% @-30dbfs PCM sigma delta

Unbalanced Analog Outputs


Output level

+8 dbm (2V RMS)

D/A Conversion

PCM 24 bit delta sigma 8x oversampling


40 ohm

Frequency Response @ 44.1k

10 hz- 20 kHz -.2 dB

Dynamic Range

>120dB A-Weighted

THD+N @ 1k

.0006% @ 0dbfs / .0004% @-30dbfs PCM sigma delta

General Specifications

EMC: Complies with: EN 55103-1, EN 55103-2, FCC part 15 and Class B


Complies with: EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC


Certified to: IEC 60065, EN 55103-2

Operating Temperature

32 F to 105 F (0 C to 40 C)


Anodized aluminum


17” x 12“ x 4.5 inches


15 lbs



Warranty parts and labor

2 years non-transferable

About our Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

In the good old days, your digital music was delivered on a disc and the CD player converted the digital information into music. Today, the process of converting digital information into music is done by the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). It takes the conversion process to new levels of performance and gives the user access to a multitude of of digital sources, from CD's to online streaming music services. Because most digital music is high resolution today and quite large in size, a DAC must be able to effectively handle the rush of incoming data, process it and send it off to your stereo in a streaming manner. If it cannot do any of those tasks well, the entire system suffers. So rather than being a simple piece of audio equipment, a DAC must straddle between the digital and analog worlds. On the one hand it has to properly negotiate data from an external source without losing any information, it needs to reassemble that data into an analog waveform and it needs to hand that analog signal off to your stereo without distorting it. It is easy to understand why designing a great DAC requires a lot of experience and technical know-how. We constantly evaluating new technologoes with a keen eye on spotting real advancements in digital to analog conversion and eliminating those that are all marketing hyerbole. We are proud of the solutions we offer and believe they represent the best available in several price points. To learn more, contact us to hear a world class DAC for yourself.


Based in Massachusetts, Bricasti Design is world famous for their audio products. First gaining fame for its famous M1 DAC, Bricasti has upped the ante with both an upscale DAC along with a more economical model, the M3. All products are designed and built in the USA and able to be easily updated as technology improves. For unmatched performance and service, Bricasti Design is an easy company to partner with.

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