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Fideles Phono Cartridge





true elliptical 7µ x 2.5µ


Tempered aluminum


Double magnet focused field


Ultra rigid special dampened titanium (Timet 1100 Corpus)

Tracking force

1.7-1.8 g

Channel Separation




Output voltage

5.50mV @ 5cm/s

Static Compliance


Frequency response

18 - 32kHz

Recommended load

407- 100KΩ

About our Phono Cartridges

The most critical piece of any vinyl set up is choosing the correct phono cartridge. Normally, an audio dealer simply recommends or includes a cartridge with the purchase of a turntable. But nothing impacts the sound of your system more than the interaction between the tonearm, cartridge and record. You see, a phono cartridge is 50% mechanical and 50% art. Not only does a phono cartridge need to be mechanically matched to your tonearm, it is also part of an electric cicuit and needs to be properly matched with the phono preamplifier in your system. Finally, all phono cartridges have a distinct "sound" or presentation of the music so the cartridge must also be enjoyable to the listener. At best, the dealer knows the mechanical attributes of the cartridge and tonearm. But pairing it with your system and acheiving the sound you desire requires your input and attention. For that reason, Analog Audio has partnered with several phono cartridge manufacturers from around the world. Each has its own mechanical specifications and each has its own sound signature. Which one is right for you? It depends on many things, but one thing for sure is that we have the expertise to guide you through the process.


Acoustical Systems began in 1998 with a strong scientific and engineering based approach to turntable related products. Today, Acoustical Systems is considered a leading designer of tonearms, phono cartridges and phono accessories. Looking at one of their products and you will agree that the utmost care was given during the design and manufacturing process. Listening to one of their products and you will agree that every product "gets it right" and brings you closer to the music.

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